Capri Boat Transfers

Details Capri Boat Transfers

Your relaxation begins from the moment you arrive in Naples. 

With the Private Transfer service for travel by sea, Airbabo takes care of its guests taking care of the smallest details. 

We assist you from your arrival until your departure.

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  •  Private NCC transfer to the port direct to the boat or from the boat to your Naples meeting point (airport/station/hotel) 

    • Private speedboat transfer from Naples to your destination or vice versa. 

    • Experienced captain (in English) + other one crew member 

    • Beach towels 

    • Sparkilng and still water 

    • Soft drinks 

    • Wine 

    • Beer 

    • Prosecco 

    • Taste of Limoncello and Rucolino 

    • Lifesaver 

    • Fuel 

    • Insurance 

    • VAT 


  • •Welcome at port of arrival and transfer to hotel (available upon request)
    • Tips 

    • Extra charges

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    More Details Capri Boat Transfers

    Our transfer services also include a private land shuttle from the airport, train station or point of reference, which will take you on board our boats in full respect of your privacy. 

    Thanks to the transfer by private boat, we will load all your luggage on board, we will guarantee you the greatest comfort and you can easily reach your hotel with a private dock or your destination directly, without worrying about connections, timetables and long queues.

    We ensure our private transfer service 24/7.

    • Starting from the Island of Capri towards Naples, we will reach the city in 45 minutes.
    • Starting from the Island of Capri towards the Island of Ischia, we will reach the island in 45 minutes.
    • Starting from the Island of Capri towards the Island of Procida, we will reach the island in 45 minutes.
    • Starting from the island of Capri in the direction of Positano or Amalfi, we will reach them in 30 minutes.
    • Starting from the island of Capri in the direction of Sorrento, we will reach it in 20 minutes.

    Come to Capri

    The island of Capri, which with its 10 km2 is the second largest island in the Gulf, is a tourist destination of great charm, coveted by directors and writers.

    Home to film festivals and unparalleled scenery with its stacks and the famous Blue Grotto, is the island that is most characterized by the elegant combination of natural beauty and luxury.

    Whether you want to visit it for just one day, or whether your vacation consists of staying on the island, Aribabo is at your disposal for transportation to and from the island and to reach Sorrento, which is only a few kilometers from C


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     How can I book a private transfer by sea?

    You can book your private transfer by sea by contacting our customer service via telephone or e-mail. Alternatively, you can book through our website using the online booking system.

    Which destinations do you cover with private sea transfers?

    We offer private sea transfers to various destinations. Contact us to check availability and specific routes.

    What is the cancellation policy for private sea transfers?

    Our cancellation policy varies depending on the notice period. Please see cancellation policy details during the booking process or contact us directly for more information.

    Can I change my private transfer booking?

    We try to be as flexible as possible. Changes depend on availability and notice period. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss any changes to your booking.

    What types of boats are used for private sea transfers?

    We use a fleet of safe and comfortable boats, suitable for the number of passengers and sea conditions. Specific vessel details will be provided at the time of booking.

    Are there baggage restrictions for sea transfers?

    Baggage limitations may vary depending on the size of the vessel and travel conditions. We will communicate any restrictions at the time of booking.

    What security measures are in place during private sea transfers?

    The safety of our passengers is an absolute priority. We supply life jackets and follow strict marine safety regulations. Our staff is trained to deal with emergency situations.

    Can I bring bulky items or special equipment on board?

    In many cases, we can accommodate bulky items or special equipment. However, please inform us in advance so that we can ensure adequate preparation.

    What are the payment options for private sea transfers?

    We accept payments via credit card, bank transfer and other electronic payment methods. Specific details will be provided during the booking process.

    Do the transfer costs include any additional expenses?

    Transfer costs may include port taxes, fuel and other additional charges. We will clearly inform you of all associated costs during the booking process.

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