Ischia: the island of thermal waters

Big sister among the islands of the Campania archipelago, Ischia amazes and enchants for the beauty that characterizes it. Vivid colors, mild climate and intense scents lead to distant and serene memories.

The water embraces the island and crosses it, flowing everywhere as a thermal spring. There are more than 80 known ones, with different mineral compositions and temperatures to satisfy the needs of each one. An ancient propensity of the island to welcome those who, in those waters, have always immersed themselves with the desire of a unique and enveloping experience, curiosity and desire for peace.

The ancients, in fact, who invented the spa, knew the importance of a regenerating break. Value even more recognized today, for us, immersed in a hectic life every day.

The benefits of thermal waters are countless: soaking in thermal waters at different temperatures not only allows you to relax your body and mind, but also offers countless benefits for skin care, circulation and joints. Spas give new impetus to the metabolism or can be a daily pampering to be chosen without any other reason.

Bathing in thermal waters, in Ischia, is possible in all periods of the year, so choosing a spring month for a vacation is absolutely recommended!

In Ischia, spas are a must: the many thermal parks and free open-air spas are all wonderfully relaxing possibilities.

Among the most famous parks and bays:

Negombo Thermal Park

Enclosed and protected in the bay of San Montano, among flowers and plants from all over the world, we find the Negombo park that among all the thermal parks of Ischia is certainly the most exotic, where you feel completely far from the real world. In addition to the different types of pools, from the park you can access the beach: a gentle cove that looks to the open sea, where the traces of the rest of the world disappear.

Poseidon Gardens

The largest of the many parks in Ischia with its 22 curative thermal pools, with different temperatures and different mineral compositions.

The Poseidon park is located in the bay of Citara, has a private equipped beach and offers spa treatments of all kinds.


Among the free and open-air thermal baths, we surely mention the most remarkable one: Sorgeto Bay. In this bay the thermal waters flow directly into the sea and so hot and cold water mix giving the unique feeling of being really immersed in the enchantment of nature.